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TEMPEST specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of low temperature chillers. Low temperature systems are defined as +20 deg. F and below for fluid set points. Systems include single stage mechanical refrigeration to –40 deg. F, two stage systems to –60 deg. F, and cascade systems down to –80 deg. F. We can also provide CO2/ ammonia cascade systems for temperatures down to –65 deg. F. For lower temperature requirements we construct liquid nitrogen systems down to –160 deg. F. Capacities range from 5 tons on up.

Options include
  • Screw or reciprocating compressors
  • Indoor, Outdoor, or explosion proof systems
  • Air cooled, water cooled, or evaporative condensing
  • All types of refrigerants
  • All types of secondary heat transfer fluids
  • PLC control

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